About Us

The KAP Difference

Kinzie Advanced Polymers was founded in 2016 off the belief that all crops need packaging designed around their own unique properties. Our founders noticed one glaring issue across many industries; most packaging and techniques were being re-purposed from other industries. Everything from the package sizing and barrier qualities to specific filling techniques, such as nitrogen flushing, are all concepts borrowed from other industries without any consideration for the unique properties of the crop being stored.

After this realization, we set out to create purpose driven packaging designed entirely around each crops own unique properties. To accomplish this, we took our prior industry knowledge and hired the leading engineers and designers from the packaging industry to form Kinzie Advanced Polymers.

Our team embraces technology and constantly updates our formulations and procedures to accommodate innovation. Now on our fifth iteration of film, we constantly strive to improve our products, business, and community. We produce high quality, 100% American made products, creating the most effective packaging in preserving your products throughout the entire cultivation to consumption lifecycle.

Decades of Experience

We are a team of industry experts dedicated to constantly deliver the most effective packaging possible . Packaging is a consistent pain point that touches every industry with everything from missed branding opportunities to a lack of product preservation. Let our decades of experience and extensive industry knowledge make the process of choosing the right packaging and staying compliant as easy as possible.

Take Advantage of Our In-house Design Team

Let our in-house design team help get your brand off the ground with everything from packaging design and layout to logo creation. Making a memorable impact is becoming increasingly important in such a competitive environment, put the Grove Bags design team to work making your brand stand out from the crowd.

New Opportunities for Your Business

Custom sizing and down gauging options present many cost saving opportunities by eliminating waste and creating a custom tailored package for your product with maximum utilization. Use these cost savings to capitalize on all branding opportunities and create a more potent brand.