We strive to produce high quality products, allowing for the most effective packaging in preserving your products throughout the entire cultivation to consumption life-cycle.


At Kinzie Advanced Polymers, our goal is simple, to make packaging better. Which is why our 100% American made packaging is designed around the physiology of the plant in mind, ensuring that it stays fresher for longer. We understand that all things, including failure and success, are not final, but in constant flux. Therefore, we strive to constantly improve our business, our products, ourselves and our community. Our overall passion for all agriculture, combined with our knowledge on proper preservation, and our determination for innovation, comprise the core of the Kinzie Advanced Polymers’ philosophy.


To create better packaging, Kinzie Advanced Polymers has conducted research in order to produce product specific packaging that uses multi-layer film technology, known as Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) — this being a technology enabling the package to in/out gas and create the perfect micro-climate for storage and extended shelf life. We constantly research the crops our clients store and test our films to ensure we are staying on the cutting edge of innovation.